500 Calories a Day For Weight Loss For Men 40 and Beyond

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Weight loss boils down to one thing – calorie management. 

How do you manage your calories to lose weight the right way? 

The magic number that you must ingrain in your brain is 500 calories. 

500 calories for weight loss is crucial to know to start losing 1lb a week. As there are 3500 calories in 1lb, so if you start to find ways to reduce 500 calories you will lose 1lb every month week. 

Can it be done by exercising and burning off 500 calories? Yes

Can it be done by dieting and reducing 500 calories? Yes 

But I much prefer the middle approach. 

Why not exercise, burn off 250 calories and get super strong while reducing our extra and unnecessary food intake by 250 calories.

And I’ll tell you how you can do that below.

Don’t worry you don’t need an app to track your calories or a device to to monitor your movements. Just follow these 5 tips below to start reducing 500 calories a day and you lose weight. 

1. Start Exercising

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts and podcasts, this is the easiest way to start today. You don’t need to rehaul your diet or throw things out of your fridge and pantry. You can literally get up and start moving right now!

You don’t know what to do? Then download the FREE Home Workout Guide below and it will show you the exercises you need to do to start burning 250 calories today. 

You don’t need to think about what exercise you need to do, or how many times you need to do it, it’s all laid out in the guide below. 

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Here are some other physical activities that you can do as well. 

*All calories figures were calculated for a 200lb man

  • 273 Cals – 30 Min Strength Training
  • 243 Cals – 20 Min Circuit Training
  • 250 Cals – 15 Mins Running (6.7mph)
  • 280 Cals – 20 Mins Cycling (12-14mph)
  • 250 Cals – 50 Mins Walking (3mph)

2. Swap Snacks

Especially now that many of us are working from home, our snack uptake between meals has increased. Don’t get me wrong, eating snacks is a great way to keep hunger at bay before your next meal and keep your blood sugar levels even so you don’t get hangry, but we tend not to eat the ones higher in calories. Here are some examples:

3. Skip Seconds

Another easy way to decrease your daily caloric intake is by just saying “no” to that extra plate of food. 

If you are still hungry, reach for an extra plate of vegetables, fruit or salad (I’m not talking the potato or macaroni kind either). 

4. Just Say NO To Fried Foods

A staple food item at any game or fight night but not only is each bite jam-packed with calories but almost all fried foods are incredibly high in sodium as well! 

  • 400 Cals – Medium Size Fries (230g of sodium)
  • 380 Cals – Popeyes Fried Chicken Breast (1230g of sodium) 

5. Use a Dish

Have you ever crushed a whole bag of potato chips in one sitting while watching something on tv? If you nodded yes, then you just ate over 1000 calories! 

Putting food on a plate, bowl or a cup will help to portion control those high-calorie snacks and get you to eat less of them. 

Don’t forget to follow tip #3 and skip seconds! 

Honourable Mentions

Here are a few other tips that you can follow to help you cut 500 calories a day to help you lose weight. 

  • Don’t drink your calories such as sweet juices, soft drinks, ice teas as not only are they high in calorie but high in sugar as well. 
  • When you go out to eat or order in, portion half your food to eat later. 
  • Make low calorie substitutes when you can such as sub yogurt for cream or cottage cheese for mozzarella cheese 

Discipline is Required

Trying to reduce 500 calories a day is going to be difficult and will require a lot of discipline.  Don’t make any radical changes all at once and pick one thing on the list to start with today. 

As I mentioned earlier and in the podcast, breaking up the task of reducing calories through exercise and food will be the key to your success and longevity to lose weight. One of the worst things you can do to your body is to yo-yo diet. That means, losing weight and gaining it back in short periods of time. 

Let me know in the comments which tip that you are going to start with this week!  

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