Kettlebell Workout: Best Circuit to Build Functional Strength

Looking for a Full Body Kettlebell Circuit that will actually get you strong?

Challenge accepted! Check out the workout below and give it a go! Remember… you asked for it! = )

Dynamic Warm Up 5-10 minutes 

Light Jog or follow this 2 minute Dynamic video here

Set #1 – Kettlebell Complex 

*Turn on a timer for 5 minutes and complete 15 reps each exercise. Your goal is to complete 3 FULL cycles.

***Take breaks where you need

15 reps – KB Deadswing

15 Reps – Sumo Squat to Upright Row
15 Reps – Figure 8
Set #2 – Snatch Challenge
Set a timer for 4 minutes and complete as many Ketlebell Snatches. Try not to drop the Kettlebell. 
Goal is to complete
40 Kettlebell Snatches in total 
Kettlebell Snatch
Set #3 – The Singles
15 reps – Low Pull
10 reps -Windmill w/Weight on Top
15 reps – Single Arm Row