How to Exercise to Look Good Naked || w/ Guest Trainer Calvin Huynh

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Guest host Calvin Huynh shares his fitness knowledge, exercise and diet tips on looking good naked.

Have you ever looked in the mirror, in the shower or on the beach and wanted to feel more confident and look better?

Then this is the episode for you as Calvin Huynh from , and I will discuss what you need to do to get into ways to lose weight and get strong at home.

Check out the chapter for notes:

Chapter 12 minutes 52 secondsProgramming: Home Workouts vs Gym for Results
Chapter 25 minutes 59 secondsWhat’s the best home equipment?
Chapter 38 minutes 22 secondsWhy bodyweight exercises are not enough?
Chapter 412 minutes 2 secondsHow to Keep Motivation while Training at Home
Chapter 513 minutes 52 secondsHow many sets, reps and days should you be training?
Chapter 615 minutes 2 secondsConcept of training intelligently
Chapter 718 minutes 42 secondsWhen should you change your exercise or rep range?
Chapter 821 minutes 33 secondsWhat kind are the best bands to build muscle and strength?
Chapter 925 minutes 22 secondsWhat is the process of looking good naked?
Chapter 1028 minutes 52 secondsEating Less + Moving More
Chapter 1134 minutes 52 secondsProtein for Weight Loss
Chapter 1239 minutes 50 secondsWhat about non-meat protein sources?

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