How to Get Stronger at Home || Coaching Call with Client

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Can you really get strong at home with minimum equipment?

That’s what we are talking about in today’s episode as I share with you a client coaching call.  TC was an avid gym-goer, attended many different classes and was a marathon runner. He is a former in-person client of mine, way back when I first started my fitness career, contacted me recently because he needed help getting strong at home. 

We dive into, how he currently exercises, build him a roadmap for his workouts and define goals. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Defining of getting ‘stronger’ 
  • How often should you exercise, sets and reps
  • Explaining a Split Set lifting protocol for increasing strength 
  • How make lighter weights feel heavier
  • Strategies to engaging the back muscles 
  • Home gym essentials
  • Importance of activating muscles before exercise

Band and Back exercises mentioned in today’s podcast 

Band and Equalizer Exercises to Make your Back Strong 

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