How to Lose Your First 10lbs in 2022 for Men over 40 years old

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New Years Resolutions gets a bad rep. 

Anytime is a great time to rethink, restart and refresh!

Being a man in your 40’s there is no time like the present to start losing weight.

How to Lose Your First 10lbs in 2022 doesn’t require any complicated rules, fad diets or any expensive equipment, and the best part is, you can do it all in your own home.

It has #5 simple rules that you can actually follow, are easy to understand, and most men will see results. 

But the #5 rules are non-negotiable. They are required improvements that you need to make in your lives to lose your first 10lbs this year.

The formula to lose weight is below. Your steps to solve the case are in the podcast above or the blog below.

1. Calorie Deficit

You will not lose weight without reducing calories, either through exercise or eating less food.

How much exactly? 500 calories a day.

Why 500 calories? 1lbs = 3500 calories. So if you either burn calories through workouts or quit the midnight snacking.
The most ideal and straightforward way is to do extra physical activity to work off 250 calories and 250 calories less a day.

Exercise 250 Calories in 30 minutes

  • Strength Training at Home 
  • Bodyweight HIIT Training
  • Running
  • Cycling 
  • Yard Work  

Common High-Calorie Foods 

  • 140 calories – 12oz of Coca Cola
  • 157 calories – 1 can of beer
  • 137 calories – 1 scoop of ice cream
  • 317 – 1 slice of pie
  • 1217 calories – 1 bag (8 oz) of Potato Chips

2. Eat Protein

Protein is the building block of muscle and losing fat.

The recommended amount is 0.7g- 1g x your weight in-lbs.

If you carry a little more fat tissue or are prone to “yo-yo” dieting, then a slower introduction of the extra protein would be better.
If you have already started exercising or carry a little less fat, a higher amount of protein is recommended.

3. Drink More Water

How much water you actually need is debated. Like any other food, supplement or new habit you introduce to your body, you must do it slowly. 

Just add 1 extra cup of water every day to your diet. 

Water also helps remove toxins from your body and is a great replacement for soft drinks and high sugary juices.

Fun Fact:

Drinking water may also help prevent long-term weight gain. In general, the average man gains approx. 3.2lbs every 4 years  (study).

Adding 1 cup of water daily may reduce this weight gain by 0.23lbs, and replacing water with other sugary drinks like pop and juice may reduce it by 1.1lbs.

4. Strength Train 3-5 Days a Week

Strength training is a must and more straightforward than starting a new diet or eating habits. It requires no additional cost but with all the benefits. 

  • lose weight
  • build strength
  • increase muscle mass
  • makes daily chores easier
  • increase testosterone
  • better posture

The list goes on and on. Subscribe below and get your full home bodyweight workout for FREE. 

It comes with short video clips of each exercise, essential instructional tips and why they are important.

All activities are bodyweight and require very little space. 

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5. Constantly REMIX Your Workouts

A famous bodybuilder and actor once said, for you to see a change in your body, you must always be ready to:

“Shock Your Muscles” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 2022, it still holds true and is a MUST if you plan on losing weight and building muscle.

Workouts and diets will take you a few steps forward, but you have to constantly tweak, adjust and challenge yourself to see changes.

If you notice that you don’t see any changes on the scale, you have to REMIX your fitness.

Drop a line in the comment field below and let me know if you are ready to take your first steps to become the fittest ever!

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