Men’s Mental Health – Your First Step to Combat Depression

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In 2018, I found myself in a battle with depression, and it was making me tap every day.

❌My business was at an all-time low
❌I was spiralling into debt
❌My family and I moved into my parents
❌I was tired ALL the time. I didn’t want to wake up and face the world
❌I developed coin-sized male pattern baldness on my face and head
❌Too proud to seek and ask for help

The worst part was I saw and believed there was ZERO way out of this. My entire family and friends knew nothing about this except for my wife. In fact, many of you are hearing this for the very first time.

I still exercised, I meditated, surrounded myself with people who cared for me, but I’ll be honest, none of those things helped.

Until I found myself at the very bottom and on the brink to lose everything, I reached out to someone who I barely knew. Mike Danchuck is someone I trained Jiu-Jitsu with for many years, and we exchanged hellos and rolled together, but that was about it.

If you had asked me what is Mike like? If he had kids? Where is he from? I wouldn’t have a single clue.

I don’t know why but one day after class, I asked to talk to him. We walked over to his car, and I just spilled my guts out. I told him everything that was going on with my life, and he just listened.

It felt good to get it off my chest and tell someone, and even though it didn’t cure my depression, it helped get the ball rolling.

This was when I knew how important the power of sharing was. Do not bottle up your feelings for fear of looking weak or stupid.

That's Mike! Since our convo in 2018, we have become good friends. Our kids hang out together, we go to each others BBQ's and fam parties. Thank you brotha for lending me your ear back then!

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