My Legs, My Glutes, My Back || Podcast Audio Workout

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Warm up

30s Frankensteins

30s Heel Kicks

30s Sumo Squat

Circuit #1 - Countdown Set

This circuit will require you to switch between 2x exercises, the Bodyweight Squat and the Straight Leg Deadlift.  

You will start by performing 10 reps for each exercise for Set #1. 

Set #2 will be 9 reps each 

Set #3 will be 8 reps each

Set #4 will be 7 reps each and so on and so on… until you have completed 1 rep each.

Bodyweight Squat

Straight Leg Deadlift

Circuit #2 - Move and Hold

Standing Lunge for 30s and hold for 30s and then standing lunge for 30s and hold for 30s.  After you complete switch to the other leg. 

Bodyweight Lunge

Lunge Hold


3 Sets of 3 exercises for 30s each with a 30s break after each complete set. 

Jump Squats

Calf Raises

High Knees

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