Virtual LIVE Classes

Online LIVE Workout Sessions

1. What platform do you use for the class?

All classes are run through Zoom.  The sessions are password protected and links are only sent to members who purchased the sessions.

Participants can choose to make themselves visible so fitness coaches can make form corrections and provide extra encouragement.

2. What does a class look like? 
Below, there is a link to a sample Strength + Cardio class that shows the participants training to a workout?

Coaches Point of View

Try a full 30 min Workout!

3.  Is this all bodyweight class? No equipment needed?

Yes, sort of. The sessions are predominately all bodyweight however we do get creative with our weights on occasion. Pots, pans, 

rice bags, potato sacks, soup cans, bottles of alcohol, babies (we don't recommend this at all, but it has happened before) have been used as resistance of choice.

4. Is every class the same? 
Every session is unique and different, no class is the same. 
However, the start of each week is themed with it's own challenges and special moves. A typical week looks like the following:

5. Why 5 days a week? That seems like a lot of workouts? 
To make change in your diet, your physique and most importantly your habits, you need to shock your body. 
5 days a week may seem like a lot at first but after the first 10 days, you will start to see changes to your body, to your strength and cardio. 
6. How much does Intensive 4 week session cost? 
For 5 days a week, 20 sessions a month, 30 min sessions each, the cost is $100. 
That's $5 a class, less than the lunch money you spend and your coffees. 
7. Do people like the workouts? 
Don't take our word for it, I'll let the participants speak for themselves here
8. What time are the sessions held?
The next session will be held at 6:00pm Eastern Time and 6:30pm Eastern Time
 9. When does the 4 week session start? Early Bird Registration starts in: 


10. How do I sign up? 

Leave your information below and when the session is opens up to join, you will be the first to know