Top 3 Exercises to Develop Strong Glutes at Home || Special Guest Olympian Phillip Ngo

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Is your butt as flat as a pancake? Are you unsure where your back ends, and your butt starts on your body?

Then today is a must listen to episode as bodybuilder and transformation coach Phillip Ngo and I sit down to discuss how to develop the size and strength of your glutes at home.

We get into:
👉 Top 3 Home Exercises to Develop Strong Glutes
👉 When can you expect to see results
👉 How low should you go on your squat
👉 Are Instagram workouts legit?

We get into so much more as Phillip is an extremely charismatic guest who will get you off your butt (pun intended) and start working out.

Top 3 Exercises to Develop Strong Glutes at Home

Glute Bridge

Banded Clams


Phillip Ngo

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