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Ultimate Guide to Buying Fitness Equipment (Weights, Kettlebells, Mats and More)

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***Edited Feb 2 2021 with updates***

The most frequently asked question during Covid-19 in regards to workouts has been;

Where can I find? 

  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Bands
  • Mats
  • Fitness Equipment

For those who work out in their home, condominium, basement, garage, or parent’s place, here’s the Ultimate Guide to Buying Fitness Equipment in Canada

***Disclaimer: the fitness industry is currently experiencing an extreme shortage of equipment. There is no guarantee that you will obtain your desired fitness equipment from any of these companies below.  The author and Remix My Fitness have no affiliations and do not gain profit from your visiting or purchasing items from any of these websites. ***  

The list is compiled from over 15 years of bargain hunting and purchasing fitness equipment for both personal and professional purposes.

Below are the top picks for purchasing all your home gym needs. 

So here they are:  

Weights and General Equipment

If there was a “general” store for fitness equipment, then nobody has it better than the Treadmill Factory. They have physical locations that you can visit Canada wide but most of them are located in Ontario. They carry a variety of fitness equipment:

  • Dumbbells and Free Weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Bands
  • Boxing and Kickboxing Equipment
  • Treadmills and other Cardio Machines
  • Plyometric boxes, battle ropes and agility ladders and many more.

You can really design and buy the entire home gym at this store alone.

The Treadmill Factory is my #1 pick over any other store for equipment because you get the best value for your money.  You are not going to find the top of the line fitness equipment or the most high end equipment, but as long as you don’t throw your kettlebells at a brick wall, you’ll be fine.


Final Say: Best Value for your $$.


**As of Feb 2 2021, they have Kettlebells in stock. 

Maybe the Treadmill Factory are all out of Kettlebells or you just want a higher quality Kettlebell. Then Extreme Kettlebell is the place to get them. 

The owner, Joseph Chan has been in the Kettlebell Business in Canada for over 12 years.  I actually bought my very first Kettlebell from Joe 10 years ago on Ebay.  

Anyone who is seriously into Kettlebell knows Joe and Extreme Kettlebell brand but, most importantly, these Kettlebells are the highest quality.

The Kettlebells are made from his own patented cast, he makes both Classic Black Kettlebells and Sport Competition Kettlebells.

He also sells some other cool equipment like maces, Indian clubs and monster circus bells. It’s worth a peak.


Final Say: If they are available and I had a little extra $ to spend on a equipment, I would go with the best. My home has only Extreme Kettlebells and I’ve tested them personally to say they are the best.

Crossfit and High Quality Fitness Equipment

High quality equipment comes with a little bit of high price tag, but the two companies below give you a peace of mind spending your hard earned dollars.

XTC Fitness is a family run business that has been in operation for a very long time and for good reason.  When I opened up my first studio, I purchased all the heavy duty equipment from this store.

A commercial bench press, heavy duty chin up and dip bar.  I purchased commercial grade equipment (thicker, heavier, more expensive) but when I looked around their shop, everything was high quality even if they were not commercial grade.

They also build (or at least they did pre-Covid), custom equipment. So if you need a squat rack to be a certain size, certain height etc, they would build it for you.


***Over the last 6 months, the Google rating for XTCFitness has gone down dramatically with people complaining that orders haven’t been filled, customer service is bad and overall experience has not been good since the start of Covid-19. I’m keeping them on the list as I hope they will turn things around because they did at point have good customer service and quality products. 

Final Say: You get what you pay for. It isn’t cheap, but it will last you a lifetime.

I also can’t forget Rogue Fitness Canada.  They were (or still are? It’s still unclear) the official sponsor of the infamous CrossFit Games.


You will find EVERYTHING and ANYTHING on this site. Aside from the conventional fitness equipment, they carry:

  • Heavy Duty Sandbags 
  • Inventory of equipment that are used at the CrossFit Games 
  • Slam Balls
  • Rogue Echo Bike 

Final Say: If you are looking for name brand fitness equipment, then you don’t workout to anything but Rogue.

Gym Flooring and Mats

Out of everything on this list, this is my most proud find because when I first started my studio, I didn’t have a lot of money to start with. So I tried to save everywhere and anywhere I could. Believe it or not, the rubber mats was one of the most expensive purchases for my Kettlebell studio.  I saved over $1500 to outfit my 600 sq. ft. studio.

If you are looking for rubber gym flooring, DON’T buy from fitness equipment store. Instead, go to the source. 

Chambers and Cooke is a distributor of industrial rubber materials since 1928 and is STILL family owned. I can’t remember where or how I found them but they saved me a lot of money.

They don’t sell rubber mats specifically for gym floors but they are very thick, dense and durable.


Final Say: I wouldn’t buy rubber mats anywhere else. They took a lot of beating from kettlebells, jumping, running, and water spills without much wear and tear. 

***Note of caution, they are extremely heavy mats so don’t try and lift them on your own. The rubber smell is extremely strong so you will need a good wipe down of the mats and airing out for few days.*** 

The next item drives me a little crazy because I hate those flimsy colourful puzzles mats in home gyms. They are not soft, do not provide enough cushion, are smaller than you think and, most importantly, the interlocking of the mats never stay.  You are constantly on the verge of doing the splits or face planting to the floor.  

If you practice Martial Arts, grappling, Yoga, or Stretching, please don’t invest in thin, small puzzle mats.

Instead, visit Benza Sport and get a high end puzzle mats. One square mat is 1m x 1m and 40mm thick and it’s $39.99. I’ve had my mats for 6 years and the colour has faded a little, but the cushion and quality have still lasted the test of time, weights, wrestling and, most importantly, my kids.


Final Say: Don’t waste your money on thin puzzle mats. They will annoy you and you will regret it.

Foam Rollers, Bands, Yoga mats and Weight Training Gloves

Most people get a kick out of this one. 


That’s right. The clothing retail store, where you can find bargain on name brand clothing, also has the best priced and good quality fitness equipment.

I have yet to visit a Winners that doesn’t have a fitness section.  Those little things like, Stability Bands, Pilates Balls, Yoga mats and hand weights, you can find them all here. 


Final Say: I have never walked out a Winners without purchasing a little something for my home gym.

That’s it; that’s the guide on where to purchase fitness equipment in 2020 during Covid-19 Pandemic.

Did you find anything you liked? Found another good deal that I can add on here?

Hit me up in the comment’s field below and let me know. 

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